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Family Owned For 31 Years since 1987


The following services are provided, at no additional cost, for new residential customers:

  • Delivery and installation of leased tank and regulator
  • LP Gas system leak test
  • LP Gas appliance check

Also, there is a special first fill price! Please contact us for more detailed information.

Cities We Service

  • Alpine
  • El Cajon
  • Jamul
  • Lakeside
  • Most of Spring Valley

Check-and-fill service

When a delivery truck is in your neighborhood, the driver will stop and check the fuel level in your tank. When the fuel level is below 40%, the driver will fill the tank to approximately 80%. When the fuel level is 40% or above, the driver will document the percentage and we will schedule a delivery for a future date. The advantage of this type of service is that the customer does not have to worry about monitoring the fuel level or running out of propane.

Will Call Service

The customer is responsible for monitoring the fuel level in the tank. Please call or email us to schedule a delivery when the fuel level reaches 30% on the tank gauge. This will allow us to add you to our delivery route in your neighborhood.

Payment Options

Residential delivery invoices paid in full within our Net 15 days terms are eligible for a .10 per gallon discount

Autopay-We will automatically charge your invoices to your debit card or credit card (this ensures you will receive the .10 per gallon discount)

Pay directly through your emailed invoice with credit card, debit card or bank account

Call our office to make a credit card or debit card payment

Mail payment to: P O Box 710848, Santee, CA 92072-0848