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Prepare Now For Propane Needs This Fall And Winter

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Prepare Now For Propane Needs This Fall And Winter

By: CBC Online

The end of this past week was a quick reminder of just how close we are to needing to turn on furnaces and heat pumps to stave off the chillier temperatures of fall, which officially begins today. And with farmers around the state continuing to harvest, dry and store grain, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Naig, is encouraging the farmers and rural residents, along with others that use propane, to consider taking steps now to ensure adequate propane supplies this fall and winter. It is important for users to be prepared, he says “By working with your supplier to fill tanks now and book future fills, users can help avoid any unforeseen price spikes later this year.”

Steps that can be considered now include: ensuring supplies for grain drying, livestock facilities, homes and machine sheds are full going into this fall season; taking advantage of early buy/booking programs; considering expansion of on-site capacity at facilities and homes; and communicating early and regularly with propane suppliers.